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Update your portfolio!


A Professional Modeling Portfolio is Essential

Have you always wanted to be a model or an actress?  Do people stop you on the street and say “you should be a model?”  Or perhaps you are a model with a decent portfolio who wants to take that portfolio to the next level? Our accomplished senior styling production team will work with you to create images that have an international polish and style.

Share Your Unique Beauty with the World

Now more than ever before, the world is open to creativity, style and talent.  Our collective concept of what is pretty, current, or fashionable has shifted, creating opportunities for everyone.  Think about how often we now see size twenty when we used to see only size six!  Modeling jobs also exist for seniors, who embody character and verve.  Short, medium or tall – the world loves it all! 

The way to discover what could be open to you: get professional pictures and build a portfolio.  Modeling and talent agencies will not speak with you unless you have professional photographs or a portfolio. 

Learn from an Experienced Model

Lindy Powers worked as a model and an actress for years before becoming a photographer. She has worked with hundreds of photographers; this gave her the ability to see light, aspect and orientation. She learned what looking good for the camera is all about!

For her own portfolio, Lindy worked with twenty photographers until she found the one who was able to portray her in the “right light.”  From then on, she knew how to pose and “look good” for ALL cameras.  Lindy will teach you those tricks and techniques (and save you from having to go through twenty photographers!)

Are you ready to share your own unique beauty with the world?  Call us now!

“Photography for me is not looking; it is a feeling. If you can’t
feel what you’re looking at, you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.“

-Don McCullin 

We invite you to come and play with us. Our process will elicit the best in you. Prepare to be amazed! 

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