Can a headshot change your life?

Most people think that looking good is the primary marker of asuccessful headshot.  And to some degree this is true.  That’s why mystylist and I put so much thought and effort into preparing you for yourphotoshoot.  But ultimately, just looking good on the surface does notmake you credible or authentic in your headshot.  The “Glamor […]

Rasheeda and the Bracelet

I met Rasheeda in a doctor’s office, and she asked me to get on a scale. I was immediately drawn in by her bracelet.  It was gold-looking brass and wrapped around her wrist in the most unusual way.  Fortunately, she stayed with me for a while because I could not stop asking her questions about […]

The Importance of Jewelry in Your Portrait

Jewelry is beautiful. Sometimes we wear it as an act of care and love for ourselves, and sometimes we adorn for the delight of others. But did you know that jewelry is an essential part of crafting the perfect portrait? An Instant Confidence Booster Jewelry enhances our outward beauty, of course – but even more […]

The “High School Yearbook Smile”​ – Tips for Your Next Headshot

Letting Go of the “High School Yearbook” Smile Take out your cell phone (c’mon, you’re probably already holding it!) and look at your recent selfies. Do you like your smile? Is it genuine? Is it juvenile? Do you see your high school yearbook smile looking back at you?  Almost all of us developed a smile in high school and […]