Most people think that looking good is the primary marker of a
successful headshot.  And to some degree this is true.  That’s why my
stylist and I put so much thought and effort into preparing you for your
photoshoot.  But ultimately, just looking good on the surface does not
make you credible or authentic in your headshot.  The “Glamor Shot”
photo is not believable because it is not really you.  In the end,
people want to know you and to see your heart, soul, and commitment to
what you do.

What if you could see yourself looking good?  But even more than that
– looking intelligent, poised, confident and strong; would you believe
it?  Mostly, people answer “no” here.  When faced with a photoshoot, it
can be challenging, confronting, and nerve racking.  Why?  Because we
are having to un-learn some of the facial and postural habits that
we’ve picked up over the years – things that we do unconsciously
that hold us back from presenting our best self.

Headshot Posing 101

If you were to take an acting class, you’d learn that there is
actually quite a bit of technique involved in posing.  At Lindy Powers
Photography, we give you a crash course in posing techniques that will
not only improve your headshot but will also help you to present
yourself well in front of people.  The transformation is remarkable!  I
have had people cry when they look at the back of my camera during a
photoshoot because they can’t believe how good, interesting, and
authentic they look.

Ready to give it a try?  Check out our top three tips for crafting the perfect headshot:

        * Nix the “high school smile.”  This kind of smile can appear
juvenile and forced  and many times, we hold onto it like a crutch.  But
it doesn’t do us justice or show our true self.  Instead, let your
eyebrows stay down so they’re relaxed and natural, rather than flaring
upwards.  Don’t squint.  The eyes are the window to the soul, so let
your eyes be open when you smile.
        * Keep your shoulders down.  Instead of lifting your shoulders, leave
them down on your back.  This shows you in your most relaxed state,
which conveys self-confidence to the viewer.  No need to be tense or
nervous.  Let the camera see who you really are.
        * Channel your inner self.  Center your mind on what makes you feel
happy, proud, strong, interesting, and alive.  These things will be
reflected in your expression and the way you hold yourself.  Don’t be
afraid to show authenticity in your photo – it is your greatest asset
and what people are drawn to the most.

Are you looking for a headshot photographer in the Wilmington, DE, and
Greater Philadelphia area to provide you with an amazing headshot?  The
team at Lindy Powers Photography has a passion for helping you grow and
achieve your personal and professional goals through life-changing
photography.  Contact us today and begin your journey.

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