We encourage you to bring some of your own clothing, especially if it helps define your professional demeanor and you are comfortable in it. Additionally, we have a vast wardrobe at the studio from which we can choose clothing that enhances your image through color, style, and texture to bring out your best photographic self.
At Lindy Powers Photography, we believe no one takes a “bad” photo – but there’s no reason we can’t make the most of what you have! Subtle makeup artistically applied enhances your image and helps you be your best camera-ready self.
They say the devil is in the details. But we know better – portraiture perfection is in the details. From smudged lipstick to an errant hair, we will correct the slightest out-of-sync issue to bring out your best.
The perfect portrait photograph doesn’t happen with a single click of a camera lens. At Lindy Powers Photography, we take our time to set up each pose, coaching our clients on posture and expression, to achieve the desired results. Then we take multiple shots of any one pose, ensuring we capture that “just right” moment.
Portrait photography is a team effort – from wardrobe, makeup, and hair to lighting and touch- ups, the Lindy Powers team will make sure you look your best.
Photo shoot prep isn’t all about cosmetics and combs ... we engage our clients in conversations that help us understand not only who they are but what image they’d like to project in their photos.
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