Jewelry is beautiful. Sometimes we wear it as an act of care and love for ourselves, and sometimes we adorn for the delight of others. But did you know that jewelry is an essential part of crafting the perfect portrait?

An Instant Confidence Booster

Jewelry enhances our outward beauty, of course – but even more than that, it draws out our inner beauty and boosts our confidence so that our best self can shine through. We have forgotten this! Our jewelry is usually a collection built over time and travels – family heirlooms, gifts from mothers or boyfriends, and rare finds from thrift shops or craft fairs. It says something to the world about who we are. We draw strength from it as an expression of our personality and experiences.
woman wearing jewelry during potrait

Be Bold – Try Something New

It may be time to step outside of your comfort zone and try some new jewelry to enhance your look. Experiment with pieces that are the same color as your eyes, such as an oval malachite pendant if your eyes are green. Or if you have blue eyes, just think how strongly a bright blue earring will dazzle! Drawing attention to the eyes in your portrait helps people connect with you.

Make People Want to Know More About YOU

First impressions happen in a split second! A good piece of jewelry adds instant interest on the side of the viewer. You will come across as “put together” and polished. Confident and capable. While most people aren’t consciously aware of these thoughts and feelings, they play a big role in helping to form
their impressions about you.

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