I met Rasheeda in a doctor’s office, and she asked me to get on a scale.

I was immediately drawn in by her bracelet.  It was gold-looking brass and wrapped around her wrist in the most unusual way.  Fortunately, she stayed with me for a while because I could not stop asking her questions about the bracelet.  She said that she had been wearing it since she was two, that all the females in her family wore them, and that it was a tradition of her people from long ago in Africa.  It was made of many pieces – it twisted and turned and looked very soft, despite its metallic nature.  She was pleased that I liked it and wanted to know about its origins.  It felt like we became connected very quickly.  She seemed to me very peaceful and centered, and of course lovely and charming.  I felt so lucky to meet her.

I have often wondered what it was about that piece of jewelry.  What if she had not been wearing it?  (She told me that she never took it off.)  What is it about great pieces of jewelry that stop you in your tracks?  Could we all do that?

Good Jewelry is Great Power

Meeting Rasheeda gave me a new perspective on jewelry and why it is so powerful.  Sure, clothing catches the eye and makeup enhances our outward beauty, but jewelry can cause a conversation and introduce a deeper level of who we are.  In many cases, it tells a story of where we come from and what we believe.  It can become an ice breaker when meeting someone new or navigating a professional situation.  And finally – and maybe most importantly – we ourselves can draw strength and confidence from pieces of jewelry that have meaning to us.  This affects the way we carry ourselves and it even translates through the camera lens when being photographed for a professional headshot or portrait.

Are you using jewelry to promote positive things in your personal and professional life?  Jewelry consultation and styling is a part of every photo shoot at Lindy Powers Photography.  Contact us today to get started!

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